Raghee Horner – Raghee’s Winners Circle Course


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Raghee Horner – Raghee’s Winners Circle Course


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Raghee Horner – Raghee’s Winners Circle Course

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You Will Save Yourself Huge Amounts Of Torment And Difficulty… Shortcutting Your Journey By Years

The reason most traders end up “learning some technical analysis” and just doing the best they can is because they don’t know how to trade properly with a system.

Building a trading system is hard. There are blind alleys which can take years. There are frauds waiting to sell you the wrong information.

You have to avoid curve fitting… do enough backtesting (but how much is enough?)… make certain you have an edge… get position sizing correct… manage correlations and portfolio heat… and so much more.

Yes, it’s a lot of work. I’m not going to feed you a pile of bull-plop. It’s going to take you 3 months of work minimum, and most likely 6 months of work to conceive, design, test and implement a professional quality trading system.

You can buy a system, sure, or use one of mine. But you still have to do the hard work of testing it to make certain it’s an edge. And the System Buidling Masterclass shows you exactly how.

Why should you finally stop taking the trades you like and start following a set of rules?


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