Linda Raschke – Putting Together A Business Plan

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Author: Linda Raschke

Linda discusses five choice trading patterns she uses. Based on a logical set of market principles, these five patterns work equally well in equity and commodity markets. Understanding these enduring market setups provides you with a solid foundation for trading technically. They simplify analysis for the beginner and give the aggressive trader added confidence. Linda has used these patterns as the core of her intermediate-term analysis but they work well on any timeframe.

Putting Together A Business Plan

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Your business plan is your personal blueprint for trading success. It includes not only your goals, but a detailed plan of how you plan to get there. This plan should go far beyond the details of your trading methodology. It should include structuring not only your trading environment, but your whole life. Your mind and psyche are your main trading assets. How do you plan to protect them throughout the year?

I am of the belief that it is never too late to start thinking about working on a business plan for the current year. It is also never too early to think about putting together a business plan for next year. This is because it will take you some time to think about the things that I am going to say, and work on your own program.

Trading is abstract and there are so many questions and decisions to be made that come up during the day. Your goal as a trader is to execute your plan and leave the thinking out of it. A daily plan helps to aid in providing ritual, organization and structure.But before you think about how to construct your daily game plan, you need to first put together a broader annual business plan. In setting up your larger business plan, you will be designing a trading program for yourself. Many of the questions our office receives pertain to what type of trading patterns to follow, what time frames to trade on, how to place orders, and which markets to trade. Your business plan should address these issues.

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