Projectoption – Volatility Trader Course

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Volatility Trader Course

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Learning how to trade options is difficult and time-consuming, but it can be incredibly rewarding for those willing to put in the work.

Volatility Trader Course

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Welcome to the Volatility Trader Course!

Section 1: Why Trade Volatility Products?

✓ Opportunity & Behavior

✓ Performance Not Tied to Earnings

✓ Trade the “Implied – Realized Volatility” Relationship Very Cleanly

Section 2: Volatility Product Basics & What They Track

✓ The Popular VIX ETPs

✓ What Do VIX ETPs Track?

✓ The VIX Term Structure – Introduction

✓ Convergence of VIX Futures to the VIX Index

✓ Long VIX ETPs: Headed to $0

✓ Short VIX ETPs: Upward Drift

Section 3: Analyzing the VIX Term Structure

✓ Roll-Yield Basics & Analysis

✓ VIX ETP Performance: Roll-Yield vs. Curve Shifts

✓ VIX Term Structure “Boundaries”

✓ What Causes Changes in the VIX Index?

Section 4: Volatility Product Dangers

✓ Not Understanding the Mechanics

✓ Inverse Volatility Products Can Go to Zero

✓ ETNs and Credit Risk

✓ Protecting Yourself From These Risks

Section 5: Volatility Trading Strategies [Statistical Analysis & Research]

✓ VIX ETP Performance vs. Roll-Yield [Statistical Analysis]

✓ VIX ETP Performance vs. VIX Index [Statistical Analysis]

✓ Why Trade Inverse Volatility Products?

✓ Short Volatility Trade Statistics [Statistical Analysis]

✓ Systematic Short Volatility Strategies


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Why Trade Volatility Products_ _ projectoption.pdf - pCloud

Why Trade Volatility Products_ _ projectoption.pdf - pCloud