ProfileTraders – Market Profile Bootcamp

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ProfileTraders - Market Profile Bootcamp

$19.97 $375.00

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ProfileTraders – Market Profile Bootcamp

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ProfileTraders – Market Profile Bootcamp (May 2014)


Level 1: Beginner to intermediary

Duration: 3 hours video presentation

Format: Video Download

Description -This course is an excellent introduction to Market Profile trading concept. You will learn understand, read and trade any Market Profile chart in the future. The content of this program is very potent and specifically geared towards real life trading. This is not a repeat of all the free material circulating over the internet and will not be found in any books. This course is geared towards real life trading application of MP.


  1. General concept off Market Profile charting, how its constructed and its main differences compare to standard bar or candle charts
  2. Value area concept and the statistical bell curve
  3. Point of Control (POC) and its vital importance
  4. Initial balance (IB) and its implications
  5. Range extension (RE) and its implications
  6. Buying/selling tail why they are important
  7. Minus development (foot print of dumb money)
  8. Styles off open and their implications
  9. Open locations, how to trade each situation
  10. Type off days and how to trade them
  11. Trending vs bracketing market, how to trade each condition
  12. How to assess the health off a trend and identify its possible end
  13. How to identify if a rotational market is about to break up/down
  14. The 4 steps off the market and their crucial importance
  15. Profile Shapes P, b, D, how to trade them
  16. Identification off main support resistance within Market Profile structure


Level: 1

Format: Video Download

Description: This course will teach any level traders understand the in and outs of Market Profile trading. We have combines ALL Market Profile theories with real life trading application, to make the content of this program ready for real life trading. This program is outstanding for anyone interested to learn a high quality Market Profile at a very attractive price.


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