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ProfileTraders - Advanced Market Profile


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ProfileTraders – Advanced Market Profile

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The 7 Key Principles of Trading in Electronic Auction Markets.

– Identify Key Reference Price Levels.

– Identify Auction Market Balances/Imbalances.

– Use Order Flow to Time Entries.

– Distinguish Between Initiative and Responsive Behavior in The Market.

– Integrate Traditional Technical Analysis with Market Profile Data.

– Correlate Monthly, Weekly and Daily Profiles.

– Use Market Profile Techniques for Intraday and Swing Trading.

– Identify When Prices Are Accepted or Rejected by The Market.

– Develop Trading Plans Based on The Profile.

– Apply to Identify Responsive and Initiative Behaviors.

– Apply the  Volume  to Identify Volume Patterns.

– Correlate the Overnight and Day profiles.

– Identify High Probability Trading Opportunities.

– Understand and Interpret the Daily Profile Structure.

– Identify the Four Critical Phases of Market Development.

– trade the Different Types of Price Developments in the Market.

– identify Trends and Join Them in the Early Stages.

– Identify Whether Sellers or Buyers Are in Control.

ProfileTraders – Advanced Market Profile

Make your Market Profile Trading: Efficient, Elegant and Stress Free

The video is 2:15 min long and comes with a 32 pages manual.

Includes 30 days free attendance to our virtual trading room and 1 hour 1 on 1 consultation with Reza

This course will provide participants with an opportunity to:

– Trade Based on Value Rather than False Signals.

– Analyze a Profile Chart.

This video presentation covers advanced Market Profile strategies and provides specific trade set ups and game Plans. This material is suitable for more advanced Market Profile Traders with already a good understanding of MP concept.


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