Pristine – Dan Gibby – Pristine Trading on Company News


Pristine – Dan Gibby – Pristine Trading on Company News


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Pristine – Dan Gibby – Pristine Trading on Company News

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Pristine Certified Trainer Dan Gibby will teach you how to “think” like a professional when a particular news item scrolls across your screen. Among other things, this DVD will equip you to:

Gauge traders’ perceptions of fear and greed.

Intelligently predict how a stock “should” react to various news events.

Find tradable opportunity in affected stocks, including fading the “expected” move.

Analyze opportunity in over a dozen news events, including bankruptcy; biotechnology discoveries; buyouts; debt rating changes; disasters and sabotage; earnings and dividends; illegal activity and governmental investigations; layoffs and strikes; product recalls; comments by public news sources and analyst rating changes; short interest; stock splits, and more.

Create and profit from a “Thought Process Checklist.”

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