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Price Ladder Training by Miltos Savvidis – Real Vibe of Trading Without Betting Real Money?! 

The Price Ladder Training by Miltos Savvidis sheds light on the proper instruction of order flow techniques, which takes your understanding of the trading market to the next level. The basic elements, such as the buyers and sellers, are clarified to build up your solid foundation before deep diving into the order flow techniques. Subsequently, Miltos Savvidis walks you through the proper how-to of reading order flows, which can reveal the support and resistance flows, the market trends, etc. As you have known, the insights that order flow reading can generate into the trading market are the main ingredients for workable strategy setups

Price Ladder Training by Miltos Savvidis illustrates the techniques with many real trading examples, including charts and strategies. The theories are shared in an explicit way, and the practice is served without challenging your risk – taking mind. The simulated Trading Drills platform developed by the technology of FutexLive Replay is packaged in the Price Ladder Training by Miltos Savvidis. It is a real practice with the real vibe of trading, however, you do not have to bet real money. The Price Ladder team wants to design the optimized learning experience for you, which can help you gain the germane actions afterwards.   

Who Is Miltos Savvidis?

Miltos Savvidis  

Miltos Savvidis has been trading for many years, so his experience and knowledge of trading is no doubt. The chart analysis is the point that Miltos Savidis concentrates on throughout his trading career, because it can generate insights into the market trends and price movements. Miltos Savvidis takes advantage of such insight to build up his strategies which have brought him the stable flow of incomes. Instead of keeping all these techniques in secret, Miltos Savvidis develops online courses to share with the international trading community about his experience for mutual growth.

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