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With over 30 years of combined pay-per-click experience and millions of revenues from PPC, we will use our vast knowledge and experience to help you create a successful and profitable Pay-per-click Campaign!

PPC Experts Academy

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Week 1 Account & Campaign Settings

  • Starting off on the right foot with the proper account settings and campaign settings
  • Location targeting and how not to do it
  • Day-parting for higher ROI
  • How to setup conversion tracking
  • The rarely used hack to take your optimization to the next level
  • How to get setup with Google Engage

Week 2 Keywords & Ads

  • Designing a winning account structure
  • How to find the right keywords
  • Understanding match types and how to effectively use them
  • How to write magnetic ads
  • How to split test and how to determine when you have found a winning combination

Week 3 Optimization

  • Looking under the hood with Dimensions
  • Learning how to find the fat with Segments
  • Where to find the real keywords and what to do about them

Week 4 Scaling & Automating

  • The 4 hour work month with Automated Rules
  • Bulk changes using Adwords user interface
  • Quick and Easy cloning with Adwords Editor
  • Automated bid changes with Rules
  • Automated bid changes and Adwords Editor
  • How to write thousands of ads with Adwords Editor

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