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Pillars of Options Trading Class by Danielle Shay on Simpler Trading

Take The Long – Range View of Things, You Will Know Which Methods Work

If you are new to trading, especially options trading, the Pillars of Options Trading Class by Danielle Shay on Simpler Trading is highly recommended. It provides you a simple, but powerful process including six steps elaborated in six chapters, to maintain the consistency of your profitability. The bad reputation of market volatility has a reason that has hurt many accounts with the duality of dumb lucks. If you invest time and effort in developing the strategy matching your trading style and the tempo of the trading market, the possibility of winning can stay at a high level. Danielle Shay designs the rhythm of the Pillars of Options Trading Class in the same way, the starting point is the identification of trading style. In the first chapters, you will learn how to adapt Danielle Shay’s methods to your trading which balances between the new approach and your familiar way. The fundamentals of trading are shared with the detailed explanation of 5 crucial components to gain the trading success. Moreover, you will get access to the basic concepts of Fibonacci tools to collect the necessary information about the market trends to set up your plan.


After you attain an intimate understanding of trading and its market, you will learn to develop and execute your strategy or plan in the next chapters. The best practices and common mistakes are pointed out in the Pillars of Options Trading Class by Danielle Shay on Simpler Trading. Besides, some supporting technology that can smooth the process of implementing and managing the trading plans is recommended. The guidelines of how to utilise them are also provided in the Pillars of Options Trading Class. You can observe how all the aforementioned techniques are adapted to real trading in the two-hour deep-dive session with Danielle Shay. Moreover, a presence of mind is mentioned as the finishing touch to the Pillars of Options Trading Class on Simpler Trading. The process you learn in the course has been applied by Danielle Shay for years, therefore, it is a time – tested framework.

About Danielle Shay and Simpler Trading 

Simpler Options

Danielle Shay has been professionally trading for years before joining the BOD team of Simpler Trading. While keeping her trading accounts active in the market, Danielle Shay simultaneously shares her knowledge and experience of trading with other traders through online courses on Simpler Trading. As an ardent analyst, the strategies developed by Danielle Shay are data-driven, rather than being instinctive. Therefore, most of her frameworks show the long – term effects. It explains why her courses are among the in – demand courses on Simpler Trading. The strong suits of Danielle Shay are option trading and Fibonacci tools.



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