Peter Bain – Currency Trading System 2003


Peter Bain - Currency Trading System 2003


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Peter Bain – Currency Trading System 2003

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Peter Bain – Currency Trading System 2003


Peter has long been known for his passion for commodity and forex trading and is the author of several trading related books. Peter learned the art of trading in the early days of his career from some of the top traders in trading houses. Since then, Peter has condensed his ideas down into a synthesis of strategies. Techniques and tips that most of the Big Dogs in this business can relate to. Over the years, he has developed his instincts for a simple yet powerful forex trading system based on his Pivot program which has been continuously refined over the years.

He has authored three books:

one on general trading strategies and two books specifically on Forex Trading. He spend his days watching and studying the Forex market and making himself available to the students he mentors.

He also regularly conducts live seminars for individual investors, financial institutions and colleges. Peter has earned the distinction of being tagged the Internet’s #1 Forex coach and mentor with his teachings of a simple, yet incredibly powerful trading system that is taking the Forex community by storm.

His system consists of the same techniques used by many trading houses today.

Peter teaches his system to account and fund managers, bank traders and individual investors. Read what his clients are saying. Peter’s known to the trading community for his unique ability to uncover new and innovative ways to harness the power of the Forex. Peter’s in demand for speaking engagements around the world. His system has been acclaimed as one of the leading tools to trade the Forex with. Hear what the largest non-bank online foreign exchange market maker had to say. We like systems such as yours, which are easy to implement and get the job done. We will definitely mention your program to any clients who ask us about good currency trading systems.”

Peter’s forex trading system uses simple techniques to identify trading opportunities daily.

The system evaluates the previous trading day’s market data to determine entry and exit positions for short- and long-term trades. Peter credits the success of his forex trading system on his extensive research and his passion for the Forex market. “I am constantly studying the market to determine how I can tweak the system and create new parameters to allow it to adapt to the changes that are constantly occurring in the market.” Peter now dedicates his time helping traders to succeed in their personal trading.


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