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Author: Peng Joon

After nearly flunking out, Peng Joon found himself in $42,200 worth of college debt. Unemployed and broke, he finally landed a “stable” job with a measly monthly salary of $330 in Malaysia. Desperate to find a way out of his financial predicament, Peng Joon turned to the Internet and discovered a way to make money online from the comfort of his home.

FB Secrets Mastery

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What they are in a nutshell:

Secret #1: Why the latest changes to the Facebook algorithm which every marketer is crying about is actually a huge win for you…

Pay attention in the video you’re currently watching to find out:

The reasons why those who don’t adapt will die

The steps to stop relying on “organic content”

How to create intrinsic value

The proper balance between direct response marketing and solid branding

My own case study for winning the Expert Secret’s Contest

Secret #2: How to get an unfair advantage… even if you have never touched FB marketing

Pay attention in the video you’re currently watching to find out:

How to automate a content strategy for an entire year in just 3 days

How to properly perform Buzzsumo research

Why having a great strategy is a MUST

My own case study: 4 posts / 1 video a day on Facebook Content Automation

Secret #3: Monetizing from your following without being sleazy, pushy or manipulative

Pay attention in the video you’re currently watching to find out:

Exactly where you’ll find the best ROI on Facebook

How to get 9x returns on your ad spend (not too shabby)

My own case study: Generating $47,964 by spending $463.88

If your Facebook page had a million followers, do you think that would make a difference on your status in the marketplace?


Facebook Secrets Mastery

If you’re finding the above secrets helpful, even game changing, then I’d like to let you in on an exclusive masters program for Facebook which is basically the same system that’s helped me build my following to over two million people.

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