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Paul Lemal - Botton Springers Course


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Paul Lemal – Botton Springers Course

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Paul Lemal – Bottom Springer Bonsai Elite Wavetrader System – 21st Century Stock Trading – The Evolution of Momentum Trading + 9 DVD + Complete Workbooks + Complete Videos + Daily Chat Logs + TSS Cycle Trader + PCF Codes & Scans

Become A Professional Stock Trader In Under 45-Days… Guaranteed. Imagine a trading system so powerful, it’s Cracked the Code on finding the markets absolute Biggest Movers, allowing you to consistently ride the markets “Mega-Waves” and pull in massive profits… Over and over again. Imagine no more, “Elite Wavetrader” has arrived.

Here’s what you get:

Momentum Trading Introduction & Basics

Elite Wavetrader Trades

Momentum and Pattern Quality

Stock Cycles

The Art of Stock Timing

Fundamentals & Stock Scoring

Introduction to Short-Term Swing Trading

Quick Start and Simple Scans

BottomSpringers Scans & Bonus Reports

Tons of Manuals and Workbooks:

– Beneath the Waves Manual

– Catch a Wave Manual

– Intraday Breakouts Report

– Japanese Candlestick Trading

– PCF Codes.doc

– PCF Codes 2.doc

– Personal Criteria Formulas

– Scans & PCF’S

– Surfers Guide Charting Manual

– Surfers Guide to Stock Investing

– Elite Wavetrader Q & A’s


– Getting The Most Out Of The Elite Wavetrader Training

– How To Avoid Paralysis Of Analysis

– Japanese Candlestick Patterns On Steroids

– Study Group Formation

Big Kahuna Trading Club

– Which BMI Where

– Which TSS Where

– Bonus Training Video – 3.5 TSS

Extra Bonus Videos:

01 – BEaST 3X Scan

02 – Bagpipe Scan

03 – Long TSS Cycles

04 – Intermediate TSS Cycles

05 – Short TSS Cycles

06 – My Trading Plan

07 – Waves, Legs & Cycles

08 – Slinky Trade

TSS Cycle Trader:

– 2-Day Hi-Lo Reversal Trade

– Ground Breaking Strategies For Surfing The Stock Market’s Biggest Waves

– How To Avoid Paralysis of Analysis Report

– Scholarship Giveaway

– Sure You Can Make It Complicated – But Why Would You Want To

– The Gatekeeper

– Trading Pond Strategy

– Triton Convergence Report

– Triton Convergence

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