Paul Forchione – Trading Options Effectively


Paul Forchione - Trading Options Effectively


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Paul Forchione – Trading Options Effectively

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Just hearing the word options makes some investors nervous. Paul Forchione will help you overcome your apprehension about options by sharing some of his all-time favorite options trading techniques. In this information-packed workshop you’ll learn a systematic way to recognize opportunities in the options market so you can zero in on the “best” trades to do. You’ll learn about directional trades as well as neutral trades and find out when to initiate trades based on statistical volatility. You’ll also learn how to use the Greeks properly, how to visualize the performance of your positions and how to adjust your positions in response to market moves.


1. Beginning

2. I Guarantee It

3. Paul Forchione

4. Soybeans

5. Volatility Spread

6. Statistical Probability

7. Directional Trades

8. Bull Call Spreads

9. Bull Put Spreads

10. Credit Call Spread

11. Bear Put Spread

12. Delta Neutral Trades

13. Time Decay

14. Calender Spread

15. Diagonal Time Spread

16. How Much Is Enough

17. Bigger Volatility Bet

18. Call Ratio Back Spread

19. The Fish Test

20. Ten Trading Rules

21. Testimonials

22. Trade School

23. Final Word


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