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Author: Pascal Willain

Pascal Willain is a Belgian entrepreneur with a background in mathematics and software engineering. He was a featured trader in Dr. Alexander Elder’s book, Entries & Exits, also published by Wiley. You can visit the author at

Value in Time

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Praise for Value in Time

“You have opened a revolutionary book that explodes the envelope of standard technical analysis. It introduces several new tools that can help you recognize when a trend is likely to reverse. It reveals new ways to profit from trends and their reversals.”
—From the Foreword by Dr. Alexander Elder

“Mr. Pascal Willain has discovered a new and powerful approach in stock analysis using price and volume, which he named ‘Effective Volume.’ For students of volume analysis, this book is a must-read. I have studied volume analysis in length, and I can say with confidence that his approach is on the money. He does not stop at stock analysis, but goes further into sector analysis to complete the trading plan. If you’re interested in how the driving forces of the market work, then this book is for you.”
—Tim Ord, President and Editor, The Ord Oracle market letter, and developer of Ord Volume software

“I very much like the original ideas expressed in this book and believe that the Effective Volume Indicator along with the Divergence Analysis of the Effective Volume Indicator would be useful in managing a portfolio. In fact, my tech group is now working to incorporate the Effective Volume analysis into our proprietary algorithms.”
—Bill Cara, President of Cara Trading Advisors (Bahamas) Ltd., author of Lessons from the Trader Wizard, and editor of Cara’s Trader Wizard Investment Reports

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