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Author: Parker Walbeck

For 7 years he’s traveled the globe creating visually stunning 4k content for high end clients, and sharing his work to his rapidly growing audience of 600,000+ youtube subscribers. Parker’s cinematic filmmaking ability, mixed with his knowledge of how to successfully market & sell over $1M/year of his own digital products, makes him a highly sought after content creating partner.

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What’s Involved In Creating A High-Ticket Online Course?

High-Ticket courses, like the ones Course Creator Pro teaches you how to create, have a few important steps:






These 5 steps are very important to create a successful online course, and Course Creator Pro does an excellent job covering each step in detail.

Recommended Student Type

This is a suitable course for someone who:

Has knowledge to share

Has some level of teaching experience

Is willing to learn (70+ video lectures)

Is willing to invest time in creating a great course

It is the real deal. It teaches you how to create a professional, high-ticket, course that over-delivers value to students.

Although Course Creator Pro covers information for beginners to get up-to-speed, the course is overall made for intermediate/advanced level students.

Non-Recommended Student Type

This is not a suitable course for someone who:

Is brand new to teaching

Does not have helpful information to share

Wants to make money fast

Is not willing to put in time to make a great course

For someone that is an absolute complete beginner, it may be too much information to handle.


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