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The Order Flow Playbook by Orderflows Provides A Glimpse Into How The Best Setups Are Built and Managed Along The Way

The focal point of the Order Flow Playbook by Order Flows is your independence to set up your own trading setup rather than copy – paste others. However, the references of the Order Flow Playbook by Order Flows are extremely useful. The Order Flow Playbook provides you with explicit instructions of viable setups and tactics along with underlying factors of how-tos. The course is divided into 8 modules that walk you through the comprehensive development path, from basics to advanced levels of knowledge and skills. The secrets of best setups are revealed as open books in the Order Flow Playbook by Orderflows.

The first four modules of the Order Flow Playbook cover the main ingredients for the viable strategies and tactics, including order flow, market structure, market strength and weakness. Moreover, the deep dives into volume, trends, breakouts, etc. help you not only understand the market better but also sharpen the capacity of its forecasts. As a result, you can gain the confidence to build up an order flow trade setup based on an intimate understanding and high accuracy projection of the trading market. The elaboration of how to set up your viable trading strategies is what you gain in the rest of the course. You will be brought to your notice the analysis of best setups and the techniques of how to implement and manage trades.

About Order Flows


Order Flows has been established by Michael Valtons who has been professionally traded for nearly 30 years. Order Flows platform is a platform that Michael has shared his knowledge and experiences acquired from working in JP Morgan. The long – term participation in the trading market has helped Michael Valtons observe many changes as well as come up with the solutions to specific situations. Order Flows offer you a wide range of trading topics covered with the explicit knowledge in conjunction with the insightful illustrations. If you are looking for a seasoned mentor to accompany your trading, Order Flows platform is worth a try.

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Orderflows - The Order Flow Playbook Social Screenshot