Orderflows – Orderflows Absorption Trading Course


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Orderflows - Orderflows Absorption Trading Course


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Orderflows – Orderflows Absorption Trading Course

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What’s Inside

  • 7 Videos you can watch online or download to your computer.
  • PDFs to each lesson you can download and print out to write notes on.

Why The Orderflows Absorption Course Will “Improve Your Trading“

My name is Michael Valtos and I spent 20 years, my entire professional trading career, as an institutional trader at the highest level. JP Morgan, Cargill, Commerzbank, EDF Man and Dean Witter.

The most important thing I learned was how to move size without moving the market, if possible.Often times that meant buying when others were selling or selling when others were buying. Who were the others most of the time? The retail traders and small traders.

The Orderflows Absorption Course consists of 7 video modules and PDF files that you can download and print out to write your notes on.

Once a trader understands and knows how to trade absorption, their view of the market will become clear and into focus so that the trades they make become more accurate and take less risk.

Once you know how to spot absorption occurring in the market, you can find low risk trades like this one in the CL which the risk was 10 ticks with a potential 30 tick profit target.


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