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Orderflows - Order Flow With The Power Of Point Of Control Course and The Imbalance Course


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Better Insights Into How The Market Moves – Order Flow Foundation Course on Point of Control and Imbalance by 

The insights into the market trends and movements can help you get the upper hand in the trading market. Order Flow Foundation Courses on Point of Control and Imbalance by can show you the right tracks of how-tos. Trading opportunities and pitfalls become more and more obvious with the techniques and softwares that Michael Valtos, the instructor of this bundle and the founder of, walks you through. There are two separate online courses with detailed curriculums for intensive understanding of Imbalance and Point of Control. 

Imbalance happens when the sell or buy orders of a security exceeds the necessary levels. Michael Valtos indicates the differences among the staked, multiple and individual imbalances. The guidelines are shown in module 3 of the course of Order Flow Imbalance to help you take advantage of order flow imbalance. Moreover, you gain the instruction of 9 powerful order flow imbalance setups in the fourth module for reference before you can develop your own one. 

Following up the Order Flow Foundation Bundle, the Point of Control and The Imbalance course sheds light on how to utilise this tool for better insights into the market moves. You will learn the fundamentals as well as how to read the Point of Control charts in the Sierra Chart and NinjaTrader. Besides, Michael Valtos also shares with you the common benefits that Point of Control has with Support and Resistance as well as Confirmation, Stopping Volume. There are 10 useful Point of Control setups shown in the last modules of the course about Point of Control. 



Michael Valtos has been trading since 1994, which helps him gain insights into how important the technical analysis is to the consistency of the trading profitability. is Michael’s online trading platform sharing fundamentals and advanced knowledge about Order Flow. There is a wide range of intensive courses about order flow techniques and softwares on, which can help you gain higher profits without taking big risks.

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