Optionpit – The Option Pit VIX Primer

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Optionpit - The Option Pit VIX Primer

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Optionpit – The Option Pit VIX Primer

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In this 2+ hour primer Mark Sebastian Founder of Option Pit and Andrew Giovinazzi C.O.O. of Option Pit teach traders:

The the major VIX cycles and zones

How to trade VIX options for income

How to take advantage of weakness and strengths of VIX ETNS

The not so secret secrets to buying and selling XIV and VXX

This Special Course will give traders actionable tools to trade VIX ETN’s and VIX Options

The VIX Futures and Options and the VIX ETP’s are consistently the most active option classes, futures, and ETP’s traded on a daily basis. Yet many traders consistently trade these products incorrectly. More than any other trading vehicles, the nuances of the VIX and VIX ETP’s can cause a good idea to go bad, despite the trader being right.

VIX and VIX ETP Trading Primer

The One VIX Course Every Trader Should Take

“Don’t Let The Myths, Misconceptions, Miscommunications… And Outright Lies About The VIX Destroy Your Trading!”

Instead… Sign Up For The One VIX Course Every Trader Should Take…And Discover The TRUTH About The VIX And How To Trade It Successfully…


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