Option Elements – Iron Condors & Butterflies


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Option Elements - Iron Condors & Butterflies


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Option Elements – Iron Condors & Butterflies

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Condors and Butterflies are the basic building blocks of option positions used to generate Income.

This course covers 8-10 one hour sessions using ON-LINE CLASSES, VIDEOS, PDF SLIDES, LIVE TRADING AND HISTORICAL RESULTS.

Learn the Option Elements unique perspective on Condors & Butterflies

Vertical Spreads – Calls & Puts



Short & Long

Tips about Iron Condors

High Probability

Low Probability


Philosophy of Successful Trading with Iron Condors

What we look for

The Essence of the Trade

Risk Management

Consistency is the Key

Why Traders fail with this Strategy

The Importance of Volatility,

Implied and Historical

Aspects of Iron Condors

Traders are Unaware of

Extrinsic Time Value

Why & When to Adjust

Basic Rules

Different Types of Adjustments on the Upside

Different Types of Adjustments on the Downside


The Importance of Timing

The Best Methodology for You

Different Styles and Psychology of Each Trader

Iron Condor “No Touch”, no Adjustments

Importance of Back Testing


Understanding Probabilities

Preparing a Good Plan

What it Consists of

Money Management

When to Trade & When not to Trade

The Greeks and their Impact on Iron Condors

Review of the Greeks

Greek Ratios

Greek Trends

How to manage the Greeks

What it is Key in our Trading


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