OilTradingAcademy – Oil Trading Academy Code 3 Video Course (2018)

$50.97 $500.00

OilTradingAcademy - Oil Trading Academy Code 3 Video Course (2018)

$50.97 $500.00

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OilTradingAcademy – Oil Trading Academy Code 3 Video Course

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David did discover Code 3 by accident in November 2018 while gathering together old charts of Code 1 and Code 2. With the intention of creating new Code 1 and Code 2 courses using the old charts from 2012 to teach with. While looking at the charts from 2012 I by sheer luck or accident or providence discovered Code 3. This is a new way to trade all futures markets. Such as Oil, Gold, Emini S&P, Mini-Dow Jones Industrial Average, Mini-Nasdaq, Russell 2000, and any and all other futures and Forex markets.

Code 3 represents a major breakthrough with respect to the codes and with respect to trading in general.

With the use of Code 3 it’s now easily possible to generate 500 ticks per day by trading 2 separate instruments at once and trading 8-12 hours per day. What this means is by using just one contract a person could profit $5,000 per day. By using just two contracts a person could generate $10,000 per day.

On top of this the draw down is minimal… Meaning the furthest you would go negative in money is very small because Code 3 is so accurate, so powerful. As an added bonus, unlike Oil Trading Academy Code 1 and Oil Trading Academy Code 2 which really took some study and some practice time. Code 3 is unbelievably simple, with no guesswork, no offsets, no subjectivity. Code 3 is the ultimate trading system which works with everything (except individual stocks).

David has been teaching Code 1 and Code 2 since March 2010

In all that time many people have struggled with the codes and not been able to understand them. Or implement them properly due to many different reasons.

Code 3 is the answer for everyone because not only is it so powerful and profitable but it’s also so easy to learn and use. And when he say it’s easy I really do mean it’s very easy. On a scale of 1-10:

Code 1 is an 8 to learn;

2 is a 6 to learn;

3 is a 1 to learn.

It’s by far the easiest and most profitable code there is. And to think that this was discovered by accident. Whereas the other codes took a great deal of investigation to uncover.

Code 3 is like a light bulb going off in the head and then realizing how obvious it was all along. I just never saw it.

David could easily keep this code to himself

But that’s not what he’s done from the very beginning. And he’s helped so many people to become successful traders. David have gotten so many emails lately from so many clients who have thanked me for changing their lives. And its that kind of thanks and the way it makes me feel that money cannot buy. David has helped from the beginning and he will continue to help until the end. Who knows maybe one day he’ll uncover Code 4, which might be an even larger code and even easier.

But what I do know is David’s discovered Code 3 and now it’s out of the bag, on display and ready for consumption and profiting from.



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