Neoharmonics – neoHarmonics PRO

$76.97 $1,997.00

Neoharmonics – NeoHarmonics PRO

$76.97 $1,997.00

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Neoharmonics – NeoHarmonics PRO

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HSI Scanner

The Market Analyzer supports the HSI.

The Pi/Phi Bands identify the “harmonic range” in which price is oscillating, creating a simple way to identify when price is trending into extreme territory.

For instance, if price hugs the upper band for several days on the fifteen minute chart, we would look for price to react quickly when it finally touches down to the lower band. An extended return to an indecisive range in the middle of the bandwidth would negate this signal.

The Market Analyzer supports the RSI Amplified.

Pi/Phi Bands Scanner

The Market Analyzer sup


In addition to the HTP PRO for NT7, includes the Harmonic Trader Platform itself.

It is used to confirm and identify harmonic patterns as well as to time entries within the PRZ. HSI is unique in that it oscillates at a far more active frequency than RSI while still managing to avoid extended stays above overbought/oversold or repeated false signals in close succession.


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