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If You Are New To Day Trading, The MIC Jumpstart Accelerator Course by My Investing Club Is What You Are Looking For

Day trading requires responsiveness and flexibility because you must buy and sell your trading instruments within a trading day.  MIC Jumpstart Accelerator, designed and instructed by Bao Nguyen (@modern_rock), shares with you how to day trade at ease while profits keep its stable flow to your pocket amid the market volatility. The uptightness of the market meets the lack of your trading experience might end up a disastrous loss. 

Thus, the explicit instruction of basic concepts that you need to know about day trading builds a firm foundation in the first modules of MIC Jumpstart Accelerator by My Investing Club. Given supply and demand, float, effects of high demand, bagholding. Besides, you will get familiar with common terminologies, such as order types, market capitalization, pumps and dumps, mergers, acquisitions, BIAS (bullish/bearish), etc. 

The aforementioned fundamentals are followed up by the deep dives into day trading techniques in the next modules of MIC Jumpstart Accelerator by My Investing Club. You will learn about Resistance and Support, Stock Splits, Sector Hype/Craze, Short Selling, and so on. The analysis of Market Depth and Tape reading, supporting the forecast of market trends, is also provided along with recommended brokers, softwares and playbooks

Moreover, the techniques that the MIC team has developed and applied to actual trading are guided in the course, including red flags, daily research, frontside vs backside chart analysis, building optimal watchlists, risk management, etc. Live trading of  MIC Jumpstart Accelerator  is the session where you can see the turbocharged power in the real – time market.

About My Investing Club

My Investing Club

My Investing Club (M.I.C.) is a platform co-founded by three professional traders with different expertises. Alex Temiz specialises in L2 Tape reading. Bao Nguyen focuses on Day trading and Shorting. Tosh Bradley develops the intensive knowledge and skills of Conviction Swings. The courses developed and instructed by My Investing Club mentors provide practical techniques and strategies that even beginners can apply and win big profits without undertaking big risks.

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