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MQ Bull and Bear Flags by Base Camp Trading

There Is No Shame in Reaching Out For Support! 

MQ Bull and Bear Flags are the signals in the indicator instructed in the course with the same name, developed by Base Camp Trading. Some traders prefer conducting the chart analysis only to using the indicator. It is… great as long as the right methods are applied. However, there is no shame in reaching out for help, especially when you are a beginner. It is highlighted that technical analysis is crucial to generate trading success in the long – term run.Therefore, MQ Bull and Bear Flags walk you through some common patterns and techniques of analysis in the beginning of the course. You can get access to the candlestick patterns and others, and understand their contribution to the strategy development. The indicator works on TradeStation, TOS, eSignal, Sierra, and so on.

The optimal timing of trade start/stops and market entries/exits is pointed out. Subsequently, the Base Camp Trading expert sheds light on how the indicator of MQ Bull and Bear Flags can help you save time and effort on chart analysis while still getting the same outcome, or even the better. Moreover, the back-testing results of MQ Bull and Bear Flags are provided to show the robustness of the indicator. It can be applied to multiple instruments of trading, such as forex, stock, options, and so on. To complement the benefits of MQ Bull and Bear Flags, the case studies and real charts are shared in the course along with the in-depth analysis and detailed guideline.

About Base Camp Trading

Base Camp Trading

As a top trading training platform, Base Camp Trading has made its position solid with the continuous production of Base Camp Trading courses, workshops and the development of powerful indicators. Base Camp Trading is established by Drew Day, a 16 – year experienced trader, to follow the mission of improving other traders’ knowledge and skill to gain higher with less risk. Therefore, the curriculums of Base Camp Trading courses and workshops are comprehensive and insightful with the adaptable actions and knowledge. The Base Camp Trading courses are highly appreciated because of the explicit instruction and practical add-ons, such as live trading rooms and live chat rooms.



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