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Author: Mike Shreeve

Mike Shreeve:
– I’ll show you how I use a simple Building Blocks System to “assemble” my emails rather than trying to write them from scratch (this beats writers block every time)
– The main focus of this program is the more than 40+ email templates—all of which you can use regardless of niche or industry—and the accompanying training that will show you how to turn those templates into assets for clients.

–  Why I LOVE behavior-based segmentation . . . and how you can add more results to your clients’ bottom line simply by rewriting a few of their existing emails (I love offering this quick win to clients)

Email Academy

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– How to use emails to . . . find out what you should write in your next email (when I’m feeling lazy, this is what I do to have the emails practically write themselves)

– How to create an automated selling machine using emails-you can do this for your client or yourself-set it up once and let it run for months or even years (I have one automated sequence that still makes me sales and I wrote it in 2013)
– 9 “indoc emails” which help to turn strangers into fans, then customers, then evangelists for the brand sharing your business with others for FREE . . .
– How to write high-end newsletters for fancy pants professional businesses that HATE salesy language (big market, lots of need, big budgets)
– 4 types of weekly newsletters that any business can use to build audience and create sales . . .
– 15 daily email templates you can use to mimic my style and sales success (great for running a daily email without the smarm)

– How to use the Reciprocity Pack email set (with templates) to land high paying clients . . .

– 4 different B2B template packs (including follow-up sets) that turn a simple free email account into a multimillion sales generator when put in the right hands… I realize that sounds like a big claim, but once you see exactly what these template packs include and WHO they are for, you’ll see clearly how companies use these to land massive windfall deals in the millions of dollars . . .
– How to write: Affiliate Email sequences, Re-engagement Campaigns, Flash Sale Emails, and more (learning just these will put you in the top 1% of email writers)
– Client want you to do the tech side of email? We’ve got you covered with a COMPLETE module on just email tech from setting up to automating to segmentation (don’t worry, very few clients want you involved with the tech piece, but just in case… we’ve got the training to back you up)
– The Secrets of 6-Figure Writing Productivity: Anyone can write. Anyone can get paid to write. Only people who know how to be productive will hit 6-figures a year as a writer. I’ll show you how . . .
– How to turn your newly acquired email skills into $3k and $5k “bundle” packages that clients will happily pay for . . .
– Plus, a whole bunch more!

What You’ll Achieve

When You Order Today
Here’s my goals for you when you order Email Academy today:
– You master the craft of writing emails that sell in all 5 of the Major Email Disciplines
– You develop a daily habit of client getting (on just 15 minutes per day)



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