Michael Z – Wyckoff simplified

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Michael Z - Wyckoff simplified

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Michael Z – Wyckoff simplified

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An intensive course for anyone that wants to learn or advance their Wyckoff knowledge.

There are clear examples of each Wyckoff principles in the videos that are about 30 Minute in duration (some more).
The purpose is to show examples of current markets with chart examples that show edges and Wyckoff principles.

1) Trading range.

2) Distribution, selling tails, accumulation, buying tails.

3) Lps(last point of support) and Lpsy(last point of supply).

4) Where to buy where to sell and where NOT to enter traders.

5) Springboard and reverse springboards.

6) Effort vs. result a very important principle of Wyckoff and how to use it to exit a trade or put a trade on.

7) Where to spot a trend change or a change of behavior.

8) Risk management.

9) Reverse trend lines how to draw them and their significance.

10) Wyckoff from the eyes of a floor trader.


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