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The Time – Travelling Meeting – Secret Angle Method by Michael S. Jenkins 

The Secret Angle Method by Michael S. Jenkins is considered as the time – travelling meeting because Michael applies the legendary methods of W.D. Gann to modern trading with some modifications. The system shared in the Secret Angle Method is the extraction from his nearly 50 – year trading with the consistent profitability. Michael S. Jenkins walks you through how to build up the system that can be applied to any time frame. 

Therefore, the possibility of high profitability is increasing while the risks are also guided to maintain at the minimum level. The preparation before taking the Secret Angle Method by Michael S. Jenkins, is the software installation including the trendline tool to show the angle degree, such as TradeStation and Market Analyst 5. The insights into the trading market as well as the market’s next moves and trends are easily spotted under the instructions of Michael S. Jenkins. The trading charts and case studies are shared to shed light on how it would be like in the actual trading.  

About Michael S. Jenkins

Michael Jenkins
Michael Jenkins

Michael S. Jenkins has been fascinated by astrology trading because it can explain the future with the datas of the past and the present. He projected exactly the big bear market in 2000, the market crash day in 1987, and the pinpoint of the top in July 2007, etc. Michael S. Jenkins has not kept the secrets for himself but shares openly through his books and online courses. The Stock Cycle Forecast is an online platform that Michael S. Jenkins shares his brilliant insights and adaptation to the modern trading market.

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