Michael Harris – Short Term Trading with Price Patterns

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Author: Michael Harris

Michael Harris is a professional trader and a top-performing algo trading systems developer. He is the author of 4 best selling books on trading and investing. He is recognized as a thought leader in algorithmic trading system development. Kevin writes the monthly column “Algo Q&A” for “Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities” magazine. An aerospace engineer and MBA by background, Davey has been an independent trader and investor for nearly 30 years.

Short Term Trading with Price Patterns

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This book was written with two objectives in mind:

to provide futures traders with specific trading systems, and to provide a methodology to employ these trading systems in systematic trading.

Both of these elements working in synergy required to win in futures trading. An effective trading system puts in place the prospect of profitable trading. In turn, a skilled trader uses a trading methodology to take advantage of this prospect in a way that is appropriate and is consistent with the requirements of the trading system in use. This harmonious cooperation of the trader/system combination will eventually lead to consistent long-term profits. Michael Harris – Short Term Trading with Price Patterns

The global financial system, an important part of which is the futures markets, is a very complex, dynamic process.

The systems and methods shown in this book attempt to deal with the nature of the futures markets by adopting a short-term trading approach based on historical price patterns.

These patterns can easily programmed in the computer and monitored on a daily basis.

Positions may placed either at the close of the day that a pattern formation completed or at the open of the next trading day. A profit target and a stop loss placed immediately, as soon as the position established.

The book divided into three sections: 1) Backgrounds; 2) Trading with Short-Term Price Patterns; and 3) Library of Specific Price Patterns.


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