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Author: Max Tornow

Max Tornow: The Key To Unlock Life’s Sweetest Secret…
Once you’ve attained this, you may never want to go back. It’s the combination of these three vital factors forming the ultimate “bliss zone” …
#1: Location Independence
#2: Financial Stability
#3: Pursuit of Passion

Freedom Business Mentoring

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No, I committed myself to strive for nothing but excellence, listening to smart people, showing up every time and putting in the hours of hard work (which later became smart work) and thus, reaping the fruits of my juicy results today…
And to be FAIR, most of us WON’T even have as bad of a start as I had.
Most people already HAVE a secure job, HAVE two college degrees, HAVE some friends outside work that support them, HAVE wife and kids, HAVE a nice house that is paid off in 20 years, and HAVE a normal life as a “good citizen” of the world… I think you get the gist.
However… Regardless of what you’re trying to achieve:
Realize, life is meant to be enjoyed.
To decide where you want to work, how you want to work, when you want to work, how much you want to work, what you want to work on and also being able to decide how much you want to pay yourself.
And once you have control over all these factors, then you have what I call a Freedom Business.
It’s a place where you can be yourself (fully and unlimited!) without having to put on a fake smile, suit & tie for your boss and your co-workers. It’s a place where you don’t have to ask your boss for permission to spend a week in Hawaii, Fiji, Timbuktu or Ibiza…
Because this is the framework me and my clients are opting for:
NEVER die thinking ‘what if…’
Ever. Because thinking these two words is the most painful thing a person could ever endure. Especially if you’re thinking them every day.
 – “What if I tried out this crazy thing once?”
 – “What if I pursued this other opportunity?”
 – “What if I just took the chance?”
It’s endless. And it never stops. For days, for weeks, for months, for years, for decades… time passes.
Until eventually you’re 76 years old, you wake up and you are on your deathbed, your relatives, your wife, your children and your grandchildren are assembled around you and before you begin to wonder “what if…” – It’s all GONE. Forever. And you can’t get it back. Time is over.
Now I suggest we just leave it there and focus on what’s HERE and NOW.
So… This brings us to the following question:
You basically have two options: You can sell either a product or a service.
But I would NOT recommend selling a product. Here’s why…
 High Costs: The entry barrier here is relatively high due to the large amounts of capital needed to start and get momentum going.
 High Risks: Unless you’re doing extensive market research, the probability that you’ll develop something nobody wants in the end is extremely high.
 Low Margins: Once you do sell, you’re often left with approx. 20% profit margins, so you’d have to make substantially more revenue in order for it all to be worth it.
 Lean: You don’t need much. And you can start with the bare minimum of what’s necessary – You, your smartphone, a laptop and some WiFi.
 Control: Since you’re able to determine your own prices, you’re in control of your income and can adjust based on how much you want to work.
 Returns: Done right, you may achieve higher profit margins than anywhere else, meaning that you can also enjoy the fruits of your hard work.
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