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Scale Up Your Gains with Downsized Risk – Mastering Position Sizing by Andrea Unger

Andrea Unger shows you how to scale up your gains while downsizing risk in Mastering Position Sizing. The course opens with the basic concepts such as multicharts, IQfeed discounts, martingale and antimartingale, kelly equation and optimal, etc. You can develop your confidence of position sizing when the firm foundation is built. Subsequently, the walk – through common models applied to position sizing sheds light on Fixed Fractional method, Fixed ratio, and so on. All the models are put under a microscope for insights into its strength and weakness, which helps you quickly identify the suitable one with your trading style and goals. Andrea Unger also shares his tips to make clever choices that optimize for your trading, instead of being influenced by the Bandwagon Effect.

Theories of trading are only valuable when they show the impacts in the real – world market. Mastering Position Sizing, therefore, cannot live up to its name if lacking the session of combining theory with practice. Andrea Unger spends one module to instruct you the application of techniques along with the evaluation of trading systems and position sizing models. Moreover, you will learn how to develop sophisticated structures with the neat plan setups and risk management. Mastering Position Sizing by Andrea Unger is absolutely your course if you are looking for a specialised education program in position sizing techniques to scale up your gains with downsized risks.

About Andrea Unger

Andrea Unger

Andrea Unger is a prominent trader who has gained many awards, including four World Trading Championships. You can see why Andrea can accomplish such an admirable trading career in his online courses, available on Unger Academy. Founded and developed by Andrea Unger and friends, Unger Academy has become the popular learning platform for many successful traders who acquired trading knowledge and skills from Andrea Unger’s courses. If you want overnight success, Unger Academy is not ideal because it focuses on the long – term strategies that produce a sustainable career with consistent profitability.

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