Martin Pring – Technical Analysis Package


Martin Pring – Technical Analysis Package


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Martin Pring – Technical Analysis Package

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Martin Pring – Introduction to Technical Analysis

This is a basic interactive guide to technical analysis – from one of the world’s leading experts. Technical analysis is the art of identifying market turning points at a relatively early stage. For the savvy investor or trader who identifies these changes and acts accordingly, the rewards can be enormous. Listen and watch as this unique entry-level guide explains and demonstrates the tools used by one of the world’s foremost technical analysts to evaluate emerging trends before they become apparent to the crowd. You’ll also receive savvy advice on when to buy, when to take profits, and how to deal with false breakouts.

Martin Pring (for The International Institute of Technical Research) – Lessons on Technical Analisys

Martin Pring – How to Select Stocks Using Technical Analysis (

Though they rely more on large-scale market dynamics than individual company fundamentals, technical traders still live or die based on the actual stocks they trade. How to Select Stocks Using Technical Analysis — a multimedia CD-ROM tutorial and workbook — explains how to use proven quantitative methods to analyze the trading environment, determine the most attractive industry groups, and then identify the most promising stocks within those groups. The CD-ROM & Workbook Tutorial is an excellent teaching tool for in-depth research, instant reference, and interactive review. It provides technical traders with remarkably accurate methods — proven effective in today’s fast-moving markets — for anticipating and exploiting trends.

About the Author

Martin J. Pring is the highly respected president of Pring Research, editor of the newsletter The InterMarket Review, and one of todays most influential thought leaders in the world of technical analysis. Pring has written more than a dozen trading books and has contributed to Barrons and other national publications. He was awarded the Jack Frost Memorial Award from the Canadian Technical Analysts Society.


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