Martin Pring – Technical Analysis Explained


Martin Pring – Technical Analysis Explained


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Martin Pring – Technical Analysis Explained

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This comprehensive 520-page book is suitable for beginner and intermediate technicians alike. The contents are as follows:

Part I Trend Determining Techniques 1. Market Cycle Model 2. Financial Markets and the Business Cycle 3. Dow theory 4. Parameters for Intermediate-Term Trends 5. Price patterns 6. Flags, Pennants,Wedges and Gaps 7. Trendlines 8. Moving Averages 9. Momentum I 10. Momentum II 11. Point and Figure Charting 12. Miscellaneous Techniques 13. Putting the Techniques Together

Part II Market Structure 1. Price: The major Averages 2. Price: Group rotation 3. Time :Longer-Term Cycles 4. Time: Cycle Identification 5. Volume 6. Breadth

Part III Interest Rates and Equities 1. Why rates affect the market 2. Short-term Interest Rates 3. Long-term Interest Rates

Part IV Other Aspects of Market Behavior 1. Sentiment Indicators 2. Speculative Activity in the Stock Market 3. Automated Trading Systems 4. Putting the Indicators Together

Part V Specific Markets 1. Individual Stock Markets 2. Individual Stocks 3. Gold 4. Currencies 5. Commodity Market Appendix A: Candle Charts Appendix B: The Elliott Principle


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