Mafiatrading – Mindset Trader DVD Training

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Mafiatrading – Mindset Trader DVD Training

$21.97 $187.00

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Mafiatrading – Mindset Trader DVD Training

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Become a Better Day Trader

Begin Your Journey to Financial Freedom as a Day Trader

Detailed Trading Course to Fully Prepare

You to Begin Day Trading





Chapter 1: Purpose & My History

Learn more about my trading history and myself along with the steps I took to become a full-time day trader. I will discuss the reason and my long-term purpose of this DVD!

Chapter 2: Stock Market Basics

This chapter is the “Holy Grail” I will go over EVERYTHING you will need to know with day trading and the basic principles of the stock market while explaining the “need-to-know” trader’s lingo.

Chapter 3: Account Building

This chapter will discuss the proper steps to Account Building. I will discuss the different routes you should and should NOT take when building a day trading account.

Chapter 4: Choosing A Broker

I will go over a few different brokers that will enable you to execute your trading strategy with ease. This chapter will leave you with a clear path on which broker to go with.

Chapter 5: Charting, Level 2, Times and Sales & Indicators

In this chapter, I will be showing you how to use different charting layouts and what indicators are worth using while day trading. I will be teaching you the most important thing with day trading and that is how to read the level 2 and time and sales. *BONUS* Learning about hot keys and how to use them.

Chapter 6: Broker Platform / PC Setup

Chapter 7: How to Scan for Stocks

Finding the right stocks to trade is one of the biggest parts of day trading. In this chapter, I will show you how to come to the market each morning and find the right stocks to trade and why to trade them. You will no longer need to rely on anyone other than yourself.

Chapter 8: Long Bias Trader

In this chapter, I will show you the right setups to look for as a long bias trader. Waiting for the stock to come to you and executing at the right moment for those home run potential profit gains.

Chapter 9: Short Bias Trader

In this chapter, I introduce the concept of short selling – profiting from a stock dropping in price. Become a more versatile trader by playing both sides of the market. I will show you my personal strategy that I came up with that gives me a 90%-win rate each day in the market.

Chapter 10: Emotions & Closing Words


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