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Here at LucidFX our goal is to help aspiring traders, no matter their level of experience, create a solid income thanks to Forex Trading.

Thanks to over 50+ videos, weekly Q&As, private group chats with experts and much more, we are sure this is the only investment you’ll ever need to make to reach every possible goal in this industry.

LucidFX Trading Course

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It is a completely self-paced online course

Everything you need to know from start to finish is covered in the training videos, whether you are brand new to forex, or an experienced trader broadening your knowledge. Detailed videos explaining how I trade step by step from start to finish.

Course Curriculum

Getting Started

StartIntroduction to Forex Trading (5:25)

StartLimits and Stops (4:56)

StartHow to Use Trading View (16:52)

Setting Up Indicators

StartSetting Up Indicators on MT4 (2:17)


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