Lindaraschke – Classic Trading Tactics: Theory and Practice

$214.97 $1,699.00

Lindaraschke – Classic Trading Tactics: Theory and Practice

$214.97 $1,699.00

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Linda began her professional trading career in 1981 making markets in options as a member of two exchanges. She became a registered CTA (Commodity Trading Advisor) in 1992.

Classic Trading Tactics: Theory and Practice

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Program 3 uses technical analysis as a departure point for quantifying structure for positions trades:

  • Quantifying market structure
  • Where the edge is and why
  • Quantifiable patterns using 2 time frames to triple the risk reward ratio.
  • 8 powerful setups for position trades in stocks and futures.
  • Practical ways to enter as well as trade management tactics.
  • Psychology: the challenge of staying with a big winner can be even greater than managing the losing trades.

Program 2 teaches my models with the biggest edge that leads to overnight swing trades. This program lends itself to 3-5 trades per market per week. 

  • You will learn 8 unique strategies that have above average probability of follow-through the next day or at the least, capturing a trend day.
  • These models are powerful enough that they can be used for day trading – entering a position around the session opening and exiting before the market close.
  • The real life practical application comes in knowing how to use these models even when good action may have already unfolded in the the overnight Asia and Europe sessions.
  • The process for managing multiple markets, automated trade management tactics.

Program 1: Once a solid foundation has been built, we will delve into intraday index future trading.

  • The patterns that still work when I started trading SP futures the first day the CME listed the SPs in 1982.
  • Nuances of Market Internals: what works and what no longer works!
  • Three robust trades using market internals.
  • Time of day functions: Good for 1-3 reliable trades each day.
  • Specific strategies for riding trend days and even adding, as well as the unique trading tactics that follow a large standard deviation move.
  • Setups that form opportunities for mean reversion plays.
  • Gap plays and variations on gap plays.

By adding the guidelines provided by George Douglass Taylor as well as the concepts provided by auction theory and market profile, we turn trading theory into real life practice and have the tools to take advantage of the volatility around news events as well as overnight activity. 

Also covered:

  • Execution tactics – everything from 1 contract to very large orders.
  • Trade Management as an active process.
  • Daily preparation and routines to create the trading plan for the next day
  • Tape reading skills. The key tricks I learned from the trading floors where there were no charts – only the “tape” to follow.
  • We will do some exercises I promise will blow your mind. It will be a great self learning experience.


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Linda Raschke - Classic Trading Tactics Workshop, Session 1 -1-25-20.mp4 - pCloud

Linda Raschke - Classic Trading Tactics Workshop, Session 1 -1-25-20.mp4 - pCloud