Linda Raschke – Back to the Future – Schabacker’s Principles


Linda Raschke - Back to the Future - Schabacker's Principles


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Linda Raschke – Back to the Future – Schabacker’s Principles

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R.W. Schabacker described technical analysis as “the study of factors arising in the market itself which can influence price movement without regard to fundamental considerations.”

These factors include human behavior, market composition, flow of funds, cycles, support/resistance, and the market’s position relative to itself. In addition to being a consummate student of market technicals, Schabacker was also a brilliant student of actual trading techniques, which he recognized as being quite different than the study of technical analysis.

Linda first presents a brief summary of some of Schabacker’s most significant technical theories. She then outlines his key principles of trading. Linda, always practical in her approach to markets, presents practical applications that allow you to apply these theories to today’s markets. She also discusses specific ways to detect underlying market manipulation. Finally, Linda explains several concrete trading techniques in detail, including patterns using gaps, closing prices, news, and chart formations.

Linda Raschke has been a full-time professional trader for over 20 years. She began her trading career on the Pacific Coast Stock Exchange and later moved to the Philadelphia Stock Exchange.


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