Lawrence G.McMillan – Avoiding Option Trading Trap


Lawrence G.McMillan - Avoiding Option Trading Trap


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Lawrence G.McMillan – Avoiding Option Trading Trap

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Master his methods for:

  • Using put-call ratios as a critical timing tool
  • Picking the right option for your trading style & goals
  • Deciding how many dollars to risk
  • Determining the correct number of options to buy
  • Creating a scenario for covered call writing play

Not a “how to trade” course – this presentation is a “what to do” playbook, as McMillan focuses on fresh methods and tactics you need to make every trading move a winner, including:

  • Recognizing the classic “disaster pattern” in covered call writing
  • How the underlying “Delta” impacts your trading strategies
  • Understanding – and using – “what if” analysis
  • Contrarian thinking: How to avoid running with the crowd
  • Finding –and profiting from – cheap options

With its comprehensive online companion this video is must viewing for any investor looking to move beyond the realm of options theory – into the world of option profits.


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