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Learn how to determine which way the Dow, S&Ps, and Nasdaq are going the next day. Professional traders often use sophisticated tools and indicators to help them determine market bias for the next day. Larry Connors gives you his best strategies for determining market direction for the next day in an easy-to-understand and easy-to-use format. Learn how Larry has exploited the VIX and TRIN indicators to successfully trade the markets. Backtesting results on just one of the strategies contained in this book has yielded a 288% return in just 4 years!

About the Author

Laurence A. Connors is CEO and Chairman of TradingMarkets. He is also Founder and Chairman of M. Gordon Publishing Group, a financial markets publishing company. Connors has nearly 20 years experience dealing in the financial markets industry, having started his career in 1981 at Merrill Lynch. In addition to building two companies Larry has also authored three top selling books on trading.


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