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Author: Lance Beggs

Lance Beggs:

  • 52 years old living in North Queensland, Australia.
  • Married with two daughters.

Candle with Stick

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How I Trade
Style: Low-Timeframe, Discretionary Price Action Analysis based upon a blend of both the YTC Price Action Trader and YTC Scalper methodologies.
Preferred Markets: E-mini Futures (current preference NQ)
Preferred Timeframe: 1 minute chart
Prior to 2010: An exploration of multiple market types (Options, CFDs, Spot Forex) and timeframes (Weekly, Daily, 15m, 5m). All a necessary part of the journey to finding my niche in the markets.
More Information
Chat with Traders Podcast, Episode 13, March 2015
Article: What makes YTC different to other trading educators?
The best way though, to get a good feel for how I trade and how I teach, will be by following along with my email newsletter or surfing through the blog post archives (perhaps the easiest way being via the Site Map).

Lance Beggs
Trading since 2000 (part-time) and 2010 (full-time)
Prior Careers: Computer Programmer, Military Pilot
(S-70A-9 Black Hawk), Aviation Safety Officer

Hey Candlestick Traders,
Now that we’ve completed the whole Candlestick Video series, I thought it might help if they were all on one page. It saves you jumping from page to page after every video.
Enjoy …

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