L.J.Jensen – Astro-Cycles and Speculative Markets

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Author: L.J.Jensen

Luther James Jensen, perhaps better known as “L.J. Jensen,” wrote Astro-Cycles & Speculative Markets.  This book jacket for this book describes it as “a major contribution in the field of economic forecasting

Astro-Cycles and Speculative Markets

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Originally published in 1935 this book is an authentic classic including two of the best “How-To” books on Financial Astrology ever written combined into one volume. Over fifty years of study, research, and actual application of his concepts in the stock and commodity markets have proven Jensen to be one of the greatest astro-economic analysts of all time.

A very interesting book on two subjects: Astro and Geometry, applied to the markets. Although, the planetary dissertation is not appropriate for the beginner due to the complexity of the content, the Geometric part of the book is easy enough to follow.

This book helped me finding a ‘secret within’ on the Geometric side of the book. Since it is a ‘secret’ i’ll not reveal it here and now. It has helped make a lot of money, trading! I must recommend it for the Gann students alike since they will find easy examples on astro aspects and geometric angles, illustrated and explained in an easy way.

If you’re into ‘traditional’ trading styles à lá Dow Theory, you won’t like this one…

Me, well, I read it twice with increasing interest.

I brought this small and expensive book after reading the unique review available.

It is a difficult read. It is not for begginers.

You read and read again and cannot gasp what Jenkins is saying. It is like the Rosetta stone, it must be deciphered.

Of course it is easier than the modern string theory of the universe.

Should be 6 stars rating.

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