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Good Foundation Is The Best Preparation – June 2010 Trading Video by Michael Jenkins 

Michael S. Jenkins shares with you the June 2010 Trading Video, a comprehensive video course about the fundamentals you need to gain the long – term glorious trading career. You will never gain the consistency of profitability unless you master the fundamentals. Although the video was recorded in 2010, the basic techniques and strategies shared by Michael S. Jenkins are still applicable to the present trading status. The June 2010 Trading Video covers multiple trading aspects with the simple instruction and guidelines. The whole process of trading can be divided into the market understanding, strategy setup and management as well as monitoring.

Analysis techniques are guided by Michael S. Jenkins to help you quickly identify the trend, the reversal points and time periods. The market patterns are also pointed out so it is possible for your forecast of the market next moves, paving the path for the viable strategy setups. Moreover, you can get access to the Jenkins True Trend Line and the basics of Secret Angle Methods. Leveraging the insights drawn from the charts reading, the June 2010 Trading Video shifted the focus to the timing of the market entry/exit and the strategy setups. Given the buy strategies, basic overlap strategies, Intraday scalping. As the finishing touch, the instruction on the trade and risk management as well as the adjustment is shared in the June 2010 Trading Video.

Who Is Michael S. Jenkins?

Michael Jenkins

Michael S. Jenkins has been known for many hats, such as the popular commentator, authors, trainers, and so on. However, the common thing shared among all of them is the trading – centered point. The striking approaches to trading are driven by the rigorous research on the legendary methods and techniques, which is combined with the sharp observation of the modern trading market. You can find such brilliant insights in the books and online courses of Michael S. Jenkins. He could pinpoint the market events, such as the market crash day in 1987, the big bear market in 2000, and the pinpoint of the top in July 2007, etc. The Stock Cycles Forecast website is Michael S. Jenkins’s online platform where you can get access to his findings and strategies.

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