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Author: Jon & Missy Butcher

Lifebook is a book about you, created by you and for you. It’s a one-of-a-kind lifestyle design system for envisioning, planning, and achieving your personal vision of success in the 12 dimensions of life.
Through the Lifebook Online program, you’ll be guided through every step of creating your own Lifebook: a deeply personal game plan that reveals who you really are, what you really want, and precisely how to realize your vision of your ultimate life.


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What You’ll Learn

  1. A Beautiful, Crystal-Clear Vision of Your Life
  2. How to Design a Truly Authentic Life
  3. How to Develop Unbreakable Resilience
  4. Strengthen Your Growth Mindset
  5. Achieve Work-Life Balance
  6. Get More Done In Less Time
  7. Discover & Honor Your Passions
  8. Accelerate Your Goal Achievement

Lifebook and Mindvalley have teamed up to transform education on a global scale by providing innovative, holistic learning programs to people of all ages. Together, we stand for companies, products and ideas that push humanity forward and unleash the extraordinary in everyone. Join us at one of the upcoming events below!

The Black Star Project
At Artists for Addicts, our mission is to change the global conversation surrounding addiction from one of judgment to one of compassion, to provide addicts with recovery strategies that work – and to harness art as the force for getting it done.
Purity Organic Coffee
At Purity, our mission is to craft the healthiest coffee. We make the world a better place through diligent research, continuous innovation, the highest product quality and raising consumer awareness on issues surrounding coffee and health.
We are artist-entrepreneurs, whose life together revolves around our epic love affair, family and work. Together, we have founded over a dozen companies, all organized around causes that matter. In addition to offering quality products that make people’s lives better, our companies support orphanages world-wide, uplift inner-city youth, assist people who have developed addiction problems and heavily support the arts.
“Our purpose is to create the highest possible quality of life we can, for ourselves and the people we love, while helping others around us do the same.”

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