John J.Murphy – Simple Sector Trading Strategies

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Author: John J.Murphy

Murphy is a professor of English at Brigham Young University.
Timothy F. Murphy is Assistant Professor of Philosophy in the Biomedical Sciences and Marc A. Lapp? is Professor of Health Policy and Ethics at the University of Illinois College of Medicine. Murphy is co-editor of “Writing AIDS: Gay Literature, Language and Analysis” (1992), and Lapp? is the author of “Chemical Deception” (1991).

Simple Sector Trading Strategies

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Investors fed up with watching assets shrink in value will find Murphy’s illuminating new presentation a profit-saver. He reveals:

The dangers of viewing the stock market as a single entity

The concept of sector rotation – and how it can mushroom your profits.

Why some are HOT, others are not – and how to find them

Recognizing leading indicators – which market sectors turn first.

Inverse relationships between bond prices and commodities

The value of the dollar – and how it impacts stock prices.

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Can you post big gains even if the market is locked in a downward spiral? Absolutely, if you avoid buying the wrong stocks – or trading the wrong markets – at the wrong time. Even in brutal bear markets – some segments are always hot. Many even continue moving higher! Pinpointing the right sectors to play at the right time the key to winning – and now Trader’s Hall of Fame award winner John Murphy shows you how to nail it, time after time.

Citing key relationships among markets – from stocks to commodities, bonds to currencies

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