John Carter – The Bulls Eye System – Ready Aim Fire

$50.97 $1,197.00

John Carter - The Bulls Eye System - Ready Aim Fire

$50.97 $1,197.00

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John Carter – The Bulls Eye System – Ready Aim Fire

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Here is just SOME of what you will learn in this class…

  • Discover how to identify major turning points in almost any timeframe… In today’s volatile markets, price often turns on a dime. Now it’s finally possible to identify which support and resistance levels are likely to hold in real-time.
  • Anatomy of a high probability reversal… Whatever timeframe you trade, using a 3-step process, you can now seek to ‘build a solid case’ for getting in a position before a big moves take off.
  • How to objectively know if you are trading a reversal or a retracement…Learn how to stay on the right side of the market as much as possible with a simple checklist that automatically identifies whether you are betting on a continuation pattern or a reversal.
  • How to identify when support or resistance is likely to FAIL… Discover a simple setup that takes advantage of situations when support or resistance levels fail. This insight can help distinguish big moves from fake-outs.
  • Why some ‘bold’ trades can be lower-risk than so-called ‘safe’ setups…Beat the market at the merciless ‘bait and switch’ game that seduces so many unsuspecting traders into taking the wrong position again and again.
  • How to know whether a stock will explode higher or lower more than 75% of the time and how you can exploit this probability to generate winners that are 400% and 500% bigger than any losses.
  • How to know when to take a directional or non-directional option position…With the Bullseye Reversal System, you can determine how you want to structure your option position depending on market conditions and your trading goals.


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