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The Course Launcher In 2016 Jenna launched her second signature course “The Course Launcher” which was her biggest success. The very first launch brought in $127,000 in revenues. Her method of teaching online courses had 67% of her students launch their very first course within 3 weeks of signing up.The Course Launcher — You Can Brand! create and launch a course in 30 days! with 100 beta testers, even if you don’t have an email list! Register for the FREE Master Class

The Course Launcher

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The Course Launcher is so step-by-step, it’s fail-proof.

  • GET THE MONEY MINDSET NEEDED TO GROW to breakthrough your comfort zone of making MONTHLY what you might be making YEARLY right now
  • CREATIVELY DIRECT AN AMAZING VIDEO BUMPER ANIMATION to add instant polish and professionalism to any videos you make moving forward
  • SETUP YOUR CLASSROOM QUICKLY & EASILY so that you can literally launch your course in less than 30 days! Woo hoo! No more sitting on this course idea!
  • STRUCTURE YOUR CLASSROOM IN THE EASIEST WAY POSSIBLE so tech troubles or confusion don’t get in the way of them taking your course, of course
  • SETUP YOUR EMAIL MARKETING SYSTEM QUICKLY so everything goes smooth as silk
  • USE OUR TEMPLATES TO SAVE TIME instead of agonizing over the right things to say
  • EASILY FIND 100 BETA TESTERS TO TAKE YOUR COURSE from Facebook & Instagram ads AND Organic FREE Strategies (No email list required)
  • USE THE COMPLETE LAUNCH CHECKLIST to iron out the kink and ensure you’re ready to LAUNCH
  • COLLECT PRICELESS FEEDBACK THROUGHOUT THE COURSE (and where you’re already knocking it out of the park)
  • ROCK OUT YOUR COACHING OFFICE HOURS CONFIDENTLY so that your students make it rain profits by the end of the test
  • DISCOVER TECHNIQUES TO ENGAGE IN YOUR COURSE FB GROUP so that engagement and excitement shoots through the ROOF (and straight into the stars)
  • BADASS ONBOARDING TEMPLATES: and rest assured that you’re always making a stellar first impression
  • 2x WEEK LASER COACHING WITH JENNA ABOUT TECH SNAFUS + YOUR COACHING SKILLS  so you always have encouragement, understanding, and advice, all at the click of your mouse
  • UNVEIL WHAT REALLY GETS YOUR STUDENTS RESULTS so that your offer basically sells itself (since you already got them results!)
  • GET YOUR STUDENTS EXCITED TO GIVE YOU VALUABLE TESTIMONIALSfor your sales pages, and paid advertising that converts like gangbusters
  • CREATE AN OFFER THAT YOUR BETA-TESTERS ARE BEGGING FOR BY THE END OF YOUR BETA with Jenna’s Beta-For-Life Offer Method that generally leads to 10%+ conversions! Many students have made $3,000-$48,000 with 100-400 beta testers with no previous email list.



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