Jay Abraham – Super Seminar 2013 [15 DVDs (MP4) + Workbook & PowerPoint (PDF)]

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Author: Jay Abraham

Abraham is the founder and CEO of The Abraham Group, which provides business consulting focusing on direct response marketing. His clients have ranged from small entrepreneurial organizations to international corporations. His services include providing corporate executives with growth strategies. In his role as a business and marketing consultant, Abraham has assisted over 10,000 companies from over 400 different industries on a global basis. He has written books which address economic strategies, following the early 1990s recession and the recession of 2008. He is also a direct response copywriter.

Super Seminar 2013 [15 DVDs (MP4) + Workbook & PowerPoint (PDF)]

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FREE?! You read that correctly. F-r-e-e! Much of what Jay previously created is FREE on the Internet RIGHT NOW!

How do I know this? Because Jay personally gave me a special link on his own website and invited me to share it with ANY of my friends who could use his work to prosper in their businesses – for FREE! I also know that Jay gave out this link to many others with the same instructions! Jay has “opened up the vault” so to speak and delivered all his past work for free. Work that cost many thousands and tens of thousands of dollars to produce and create. Information that could make anyone financially and commercially successful if they just followed its principles rigorously.

But let us get back to Jay Abraham’s upcoming seminar. As I have said, while Jay has been away from the US spotlight, he continued doing high-level, masterful thinking with a wide spectrum of prominent entrepreneurs and experts. Now that Jay has agreed to do a one-time only, evolutionary, totally non-linear, highly thought-disruptive, three or four-day, heavy-duty, accelerated business building, intensive seminar in Los Angeles. (You know his upcoming seminar will have to be just that MUCH MORE INCREDIBLE to wow his existing base of devoted business leaders AND those who may be seeing him for the very first time.) This new program eclipses Jay’s previous “Swinging for the Fences” in concept integration over everything (new breakthroughs, new knowledge) he has grown to understand over these last five years. (Remember, the world’s knowledge base now doubles every six months.)

One last background note: Jay has been writing – he is finishing co-authoring a mammoth, new book all about disruptive, convergent-divergent “strategic thinking AND another book with Daymond John (of Shark Tank fame) on getting start-ups financed. And he is still working with multi-billion dollar firms, involved with a major digital media online advertising super syndicate, etc. Think about it: Jay has packed in enough experience in the last 5 years to fill an ordinary lifetime of work, and this is not including his decades of revolutionary, paradigm-changing masterful work before that!

Now you can join a small (less than 100), high-powered, elite group for a few days. What will Jay cover? How about everything he knows that works today – not yesterday, in the world of business-building, competitive-advantage, profit-boosting, preeminence, greatness, superbly advanced ways to grow a business, masterful strategic “performance impact thinking”, creating business wealth without risk OR investment, empire building, high-performance selling, and gaining the trust, respect and high-probability response of your market?

Quite frankly, the written material alone would be worth the price. The PowerPoint deck Jay uses in Tokyo is 600 slides. The workbook is 400 pages. That process has produced utterly amazing success stories all over Asia.

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