Jack Bernstein – Power Momentum Formula


Jack Bernstein - Power Momentum Formula


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Jack Bernstein – Power Momentum Formula

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Power Momentum Formula


Trading and Investing Method for

Stocks & Futures!

Here are some questions and answers about the Power Momentum Formula manual:

Q: What is the Power Momentum Formula (PMF)?

A: The PMF is a very specific way of selecting trades in stock and futures. PMF has been developed in order to pinpoint market moves BEFORE they happen or VERY SOON after they begin

Q: Is PMF hard to use?

A: NO. It’s a simple 5 step process that, once learned, can be completed in less than 20 seconds in most cases. This means that you can monitor many stocks and futures markets in order to find the most profitable opportunities

Q: Do I need to buy new computer software in order to find the PMF signals?

A: NO. In fact, most if not all of the information you’ll need is available FREE of charge on the Internet

  1. Do I need to have a degree in economics or business in order to spot profitable trades using the PMF method?

A: NO. If you can add and subtract then you have all the skills you need to use PMF to spot winning trades!

Q: What is the MOMENTUM Indicator?

A: The momentum indicator is a simple calculation that compares the price of a market today with the price a given number of days ago It’s easy to understand and easy to use

Q: What is the Advanced PMF?

A: Advanced PMF adds another valid method for finding and timing PMF trades



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