Howard B Bandy – Quantitative Technical Analysis

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Author: Howard B Bandy

Experienced and educated in applications of modeling and simulation to financial trading systems.
Graduate work in computer science with applications in artificial intelligence, modeling, simulation.
Corporate experience in all areas of computers — operations, programming, management.
University tenured full professor and university dean. Taught primarily computer science and applied mathematics.
Designed, programmed, and brought to market a trading system development platform.
Research analyst for Commodity Trading Advisor.
Vice-president of trading company.

Quantitative Technical Analysis

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It begins with a discussion and quantification of the several aspects of risk.

1. The trader’s personal tolerance for risk.

2. The risk inherent in the price fluctuations of the issue to be traded.

3. The risk added by the trading system rules.

4. The trade-by-trade risk experienced during trading.


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