Hans Kayser – Textbook of Harmonics


Hans Kayser - Textbook of Harmonics


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Hans Kayser – Textbook of Harmonics

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This book presents the essence of Pythagorean Harmonics, in such amazing detail that few books compare, perhaps Schwaller de Lubicz’s Temple of Man, or Petrus Talemarianus’ Natural Architecture.

What this theory really represents is a universal Law of Vibration, much like a Superstring theory. Which constructs the universe from harmonic vibrations. It is a work far ahead of it’s time. Penetrates into the depths of the most ancient and esoteric Pythagorean Tradition. Much of which can trace back to Egyptian Temple science.

We are happy to announce the release of our first Sacred Science Translation Society edition of Hans Kayser’s magnum opus on Pythagorean harmonics, Lehrbuch Der Harmonik, or Textbook of Harmonics. Some of you are probably familiar with the only work of Kayser’s that has been translated into English. Akroasis: A Theory of World Harmonics, which is an expansion of the introduction of Lehrbuch giving a non-technical. Philosophical presentation of Kayser’s theories of harmonic. But almost no one has seen the 630 page technical presentation, which includes 500 of the most amazing harmonic, geometric and mathematical diagrams ever.

After 15 years of seeking a way to have this work properly translated.

we were extremely fortunate to find an angel benefactor who offered to bankroll the first phase of the translation of this masterpiece. And a further fortunate windfall led us to arrange to have Joscelyn Godwin. Professor of Musicology at Colgate University, author of The Harmony of the Spheres. A Sourcebook of the Pythagorean Tradition in Music. And respected translator of numerous works in the fields of Musicology, Hermetics, Alchemy, and the Esoteric Tradition, in collaboration with his son Ariel, translate the text.

We plan to re-release the book as a high-quality, folio, Collector’s Edition, similar to the original German edition. After we have completed the translation of the musical notation from German to English notation. And have created a fancier layout, more similar to the original, but this will take some further elaborate work.

Those who purchase our Translation Society Edition will be eligible to upgrade to the Collector’s Edition when it is ready for a marginal fee to help cover the cost of printing the quality edition, but will still end up paying less for the two editions than we will be charging for the final Collector’s Edition on it’s own.


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