Hans Hannula – Market Astrophysics Selected Reprints moneytide


Hans Hannula - Market Astrophysics Selected Reprints moneytide


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Hans Hannula – Market Astrophysics Selected Reprints moneytide

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My name is Al Larson. I have a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering. You can label me a lot of ways-engineer, scientist, mathematician, pilot, combat veteran, career counselor, teacher, carpenter, trader, market researcher, programmer, landscaper, computer consultant, and a few more – but mostly I am a serious student of what makes things work-especially markets. [ Professonal Profile ]
This web site represents my market work over the past 3 decades. Since I first read Dewey’s Cycles-The Mysterious Forces that Trigger Events in 1974, I have researched what moves markets.

On of the great pleasures of my work is having some excellent students. The best of all has been Dr. Greg Meyer, MS, MD. He has not only mastered my material, but extended it by combining my XGO forecasts with my ZD filtering to make longer term forecasts. That Meyer Method is now used in my newsletter, and incorporated in the WinXGO program. Greg uses these tools to trade successfully. This is Greg on a recent visit to my office.
Over the last 15 years I’ve studied Dr. Larson’s work from building block courses through the Master’s Course.

Dr. Larson applies sound scientific principles to the developement of his courses, as his PhD suggests would be the case. He has developed insightful programs and methods based on fundamental principles which give increasingly unprecedented accuracy as the course levels advance.

I rely on his programs and insights daily, and proceed with confidence that solutions to market movement can be worked out as accurately as engineering problems could be solved when I was an aerospace engineer.

-Dr. Greg Meyer, MS, MD

Al formerly used the pen name Hans Hannula. It was his great grandfather’s name. When he was working at Bell Laboratories the beurocrats would have prevented him from publishing anything as unorthodox as his first article, In Search of the Cause of Cycles, which linked market cycles to planets. This landmark article is in the book of reprints, Market AstroPhysics and Chaos, available in the [Chaos Trader’s Catalog].

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